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Booking terms & Conditions

A booking between Goldcrest International Corporation (the Owner/Owners Agent) and the person(s) making the booking (the Client(s)), is valid only after the deposit has been paid to the Owners, and the booking has been confirmed in writing/email to the Client(s) by the Owners. A minimum deposit of $300* is payable at the time of booking ($600 for adult groups). By paying the deposit the Client(s) accept(s) these conditions. The balance of rental charge plus any pre-booked extras is payable no less than 16 weeks prior to the date of commencement of the rental period or with the booking if less than 16 weeks to commencement date unless alternative terms have been agreed in writing/email. The deposit will be refunded upon receipt of a confirmation from the local agent that no loss or damage has occurred to the property, it's furnishings, fittings, fixtures or it's contents during the period of rental. Please allow 7 days from departure before requesting return of deposit by email.The Client(s) shall be held liable for the cost, without limit, of making good any and all damage or loss to the property, its furnishings, equipment or contents occasioned during the rental period, with the exception of losses or damage arising as a result of insured events where full compensation is obtained. The client(s) shall comply with all rules and statutes including HOA rules for garbage, parking and occupancy limits and deposit refunds are subject to deduction for any damages, excess cleaning or breach of conditions and which shall be applied at the local managers discretion. This agreement shall terminate on the happening of any one of the following events:

a) The Client(s) cancelling their booking or failing to pay the balance within the time stated above.

b) The property becoming unavailable or unfit for letting as a holiday home prior to the commencement date. In the event of termination under condition (a) above, the deposit shall be forfeited and the whole of the balance shall remain due and payable to the owners. In the event that the owners are able to re-let the property for the term at a rental not less than that payable by the client then the deposit only shall be forfeited and no liability shall attach to the Client(s) other than the deposit. The Client(s) hereby acknowledges that the owners whilst using their best endeavours to re-let shall be under no obligation to do so. In the event of termination under condition (b) hereof, the deposit and any other payment made by the Client(s) to the owners will be refunded to the Client(s) in full. Neither the owners nor the owners local agent accept(s) any responsibility of liability for the following: a) Loss or damage or changes caused by force major events or any other event beyond their control. b) Loss or theft of luggage or personal property at any time in or about the property or location in the USA.

c). Any guest injury or illness. Whilst in occupation of the property the Client(s) shall observe the following:

a) No children under the age of 18 shall be in the property or the pool area unless supervised by an adult of 18 or over. b) No glass wear of other breakable kitchen utensil to be taken into the pool area. c) No running, diving or jumping in the pool area. d) Not to touch or interfere with the pool filtration equipment or the lawn sprinkler system control equipment. e) The settings on the air conditioning unit should not be altered since this can cause the unit to freeze and fail. Young children must be supervised at all times whilst in the yard and all normal care should be taken. Bookings are accepted on a Saturday to Saturday basis unless an alternative basis is agreed in writing by the owners. Client(s) undertake to vacate the villa by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. The villa is usually ready for occupation after 4 p.m. on the date of arrival subject to cleaning routines. If you need an earlier arrival or later departure this may be possible and please enquire (an additional charge may apply). Pool and spa heating is included for our vacation homes. The pool/spa heaters will heat your water to a comfortable range; usually this is 80 degrees. The pool heaters run approximately 8-10 hours a day. The pool water will be cool in the mornings and heat as the day goes on. During times of extreme weather the pool heaters may not have the capacity to heat the pool/spa to the normal range. Pool heat refunds are not made for weather related causes. It is the guest’s responsibility to keep any insulating blankets in place at all times when the pool is not in use. Pool heaters are turned on the day of your arrival and may not be up to temperature when you arrive.  Please direct any issues, queries or complaints to the US agents for the property for resolution at the time of discovery. Please understand that things do need repair from time to time and if any problem or failure is reported promptly it can be attended to with minimum delay. We are unable to accept claims relating to equipment or other failure during a rental. Hurricane season in Florida usually runs from July/August until October/November. Please take holiday insurance since we are unable to offer a refund due to bad weather, flight cancellation or any  reason. Any home that is left abnormally or exceptionally dirty, above a normal clean, may be subject to additional cleaning fee. Each home is inspected and inventoried on day of departure. If there is any  damage upon your arrival, it is the guest responsibility to notify the property manager as soon as possible. In the event of any dispute this rental agreement shall be subject to UK law.